Craftsman Fixing Joomla Website

Over the years, we have "fixed" many problems with Joomla!® websites. Many were quick and easy, and done for our minimum invoice of USD $30. Others far more challenging took longer and resulted in larger invoices, but most were easy enough to diagnose over the phone and have the client fix them while we watched the website on our PC. There is never a charge if we don't log into your website.

Please feel free to call us or email us. We are truly delighted to help, because many "free fixes" have resulted in making friends and getting paying jobs through the best kind of marketing, word-of-mouth.

Another gratifying aspect of helping to fix Joomla!® websites is that it helps promote the Joomla!® community to new website owners.

What Our Clients Are Saying About Us:

   Harper Vance is a valued partner who provides peace of mind knowing that our website is secure, monitored, and backed up.

Well worth the reasonable fee.   

—valued client since 2014

   I have used Harper Vance's services since 2011... web hosting, consulting and design work... I found the owner, Randy Williams, to be prompt, professional and highly reliable.

Without hesitation I recommend you reach out to Harper Vance for answers when website issues are the question.   

—valued client since 2011

   I contacted Randy almost 10 years ago to help with my Joomla site. Harper Vance has consistently and diligently managed my sites for nearly that long. Randy is a gem. If I had to choose one word, it would be reliable. Monitoring, updating, backups, security patches... his service gives me peace of mind and saves me over $500 a year. Worth every penny and then some.   

—valued client since 2011

   We were facing a response time issue (TTFB) that was very difficult to understand because they can have many sources. Randy checked our website, and confirmed to us that the issue is most likely to be a server problem. His expertise is very valuable, because it has allowed us to stop wasting time chasing a website problem, but better use our time to change host provider.   

—new client for website repair service