Keeping the bad guys out of your Joomla!® website is increasingly difficult.

The Joomla!® Project publishes a series of articles which guide webmasters and hosting companies in the ever-changing list of "best practices" which is the reality of internet security these days.

Joomla!® websites almost always make use of "extensions" to add features to a site. Those extensions also present security risks, as does any code. To help Joomla!® webmasters deal with the threat, the project runs a website, the Joomla!® Vulnerable Extension List. Harper Vance refers to this list daily in updating the extensions on our clients' sites.

All of our hosting clients enjoy a high level of comfort knowing that Harper Vance is keeping watch over their sites. While we cannot guarantee that you will never be hacked, we take ALL of the steps necessary to repel all but the most determined criminals, who have many many targets out there easier to penetrate than are we.

Good site security starts with good backup. Clients who opt for our Harper Vance SiteGuard hosting packages enjoy not only nightly backups to an off-server location, but full site backups of fileset and database every 6 hours - day and night. These backups are retained on the server for your use in the event of a "fat-finger" error, which is one in which you personally make a catastrophic error.

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