We're sheltering-in-place per the instructions of Ohio's Governor, like many of you. We are perhaps a little more fortunate than many, because we can still make a living working from home. The phone has been pretty quiet for us, but the spammers and hackers have not taken any time off during the pandemic. We still see evidence of hundreds of hacking attempts per day on the Joomla!® websites we host and manage. We see a significant increase in the amount of bandwidth our server is processing daily, so having the public in quarantine means we are all spending more time at the computer, and the smart phone.

We don't see sales and shipment reports from the e-commerce sites we manage, but conversations with the site owners report sales are off a bit. We are assuming that sales are off because so many of our prospects are un-employed or uncertain of their financial futures, but no one knows with certainty.

What we are certain of is that our site owners have a lot more time available right now than they are likely to have until the next pandemic, and our hope is that our children's children will not live to see another one. We are urging them and you to spend this time as wisely as you can. You may want to consider what steps you can take to build new and more content for your website — content that will attract more visitors. Your site should offer more than "about-us"pages and lists of your services. Your site should also tell your story. What makes your enterprise or organization unique?

You also should consider what features you will add to enable and encourage your site visitors to talk back to you. This could be a chat room, or a support forum, or many other types of feedback-gathering features.

We wish you and your family comfort, health, and prosperity.

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