fortressHosting for your Joomla!® website is available lots of places on the web, for considerably less than what we charge. That said, we want to tell you why our clients consider our hosting a bargain:

We offer hosting and management of up to six Joomla!® websites for US$52.00 per month.

The word "management" above is what really sets us apart from pure hosting companies:

  • Each of your websites is checked every day to be certain it has not been compromised by hackers. No one can guarantee that your Joomla!® website will never be hacked, but the biggest parts of Joomla!® security are prompt updates and a good firewall against common exploits. While we can't guarantee you won't be hacked, none of our managed sites ever has been.
  • Each of your websites is monitored every 5 minutes for uptime 24/7/365. We receive email and text notification instantly in the event your website goes offline.
  • Each of your websites is checked every day for updates of Joomla!® and its extensions. Updates are installed and tested the day of release. This is critical for the security of any website, and something that many owners ignore.
  • We hold multi-site licenses for several very popular "pro version" extensions and services which are installed on client sites at no additional charge. These include Security and Best Practices Audit, Security Firewall, Backup Utility, Content Editor, and others which change from time to time. These would cost the site owner in excess of $100 annually.
  • We believe strongly in regular full-site backups. Depending on the type of site (mostly how frequently it changes,) each site is backed up on a scheduled basis both on the server and to a remote location. Sites which change every day (eg. if you run a support forum or a shopping cart) are backed up daily. Our backup utility also gives us the flexibility to protect your investment by providing you a copy of every backup archive, uploaded to a place of your choosing automatically.
  • We install and maintain SSL certificates (enabling the use of "https://" protocol) on each web site, which gives your site visitors confidence in your site and in you. These can cost up to $125.00 annually, but are included in our package at no additional charge.
  • Each client receives 1 hour per month of credit against any new work on the website(s). Our rate for new work is $61.00 per hour. Unused hours may be accumulated toward new work.
  • NEWSFLASH - All Hosting clients now receive free access to Matomo Analytics. Click here to discover why that is important for you.

In short, we focus on the health and functionality of your website, so that you don't have to. So having presented our list of benefits, we want to ask for your business. Please call us today.

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