There are many things to consider when you want to build a new website. The discussion below is the one we have with clients who want to start that journey. We hope it will be useful to you if you want to build a new site. If you would like to have this conversation with us, feel free to call us any time.


Precisely what are you trying to achieve? What measurable things must improve for you to consider the website a success? What action do you want your visitors to take after they have been to your website?

Target Audience

Who do you want to reach? Where do they live? Are they any particular gender, age or ethnicity? What will you do to attract a specific audience instead of a general one?


What will your website offer to attract and interest your target audience? How will you engage them once they are at your site? How will you bring them back to the website?


How will your target audience talk back to you?


How will your pages look and function on a smart phone? How will your pages function for the visually impaired? If you present audio or video, will transcripts be available for the hearing impaired?


Will your menu system work well on the smart phone? Will it be accessible from the keyboard for those who cannot use a mouse?

Color Palette

Your existing branding (signage, letterhead, calling cards, logo) should be the place you start, but are they suitable for the purpose, or should you revisit your branding first?


Will your typography be readable for all visitors? What steps will you take to account for the visually challenged?


Do you have a source for great images for which you will not have to pay royalties?


Are any of the concepts you must present complex or otherwise difficult to understand? Do you have an artist who can produce the graphics for you?

Update Strategy

Will you have an "editorial calendar" to plan for additional content to encourage further visits from prior visitors?

Website Promotion

How will your prospects get the word that you have a website of interest to them? Can you feature the website url in existing advertising?

Website Economics

How will your website pay for itself? Can it produce revenues for you? Can it reduce other costs for you?

Harper Vance Web Services can help you find good, affordable answers to these and many other questions. Call us today.

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