JCH Optimize LogoClick the image above to open the JCH Optimize Website in a new tab.We have all been to websites which are painfully slow to load, and this can be due to many factors, but most can be dramatically improved through the use of JCH Optimize.

Features of the JCH Optimize Pro Version:

  • Minimize Http Requests
  • Combine and Minify Files
  • Sprite Generator
  • CDN/Cookieless Domain
  • Lazy-load Images and I-frames
  • Optimize CSS Delivery
  • Optimize Images

"The core function of the plugin is to combine CSS files and javascript files together respectively to reduce http requests so that is what will be discussed in a little detail here. The plugin offers other features such as Sprite Generator, Lazy Load Images, CDN/Cookieless domain support, Optimize CSS Delivery, and Optimize Images."

Quoted from the JCH Optimize Documentation.

We have seen PageSpeed Ratings inclease 40 or 50 points with minimal effort and at low cost. Highly recommended.

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